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DMCA Content Removal

My custom DMCA Content Removal service ensures your images and/or other media are removed from websites using them without your consent.

Pricing is based on the number of sites you'd like your media removed from:

1 Website - $200

2 Websites - $350

3 Websites - $450

SPECIAL RATE (expires 12/15/2019):

$100 off my 2 Websites package! - Total of $250

$150 off my 3 Websites package! - Total of $300

Website Monitoring

I offer a custom, proven system to regularly scan the web for sites that may begin using your images, intellectual property etc, without your consent.  This ensures any such sites are detected early.

Those who subscribe to my Website Monitoring service enjoy heavily discounted rates for DMCA Content Removal.

This is an optional upgrade service, and can be added now, or after your content is successfully removed from other sites.

$100 per month

Pay Monthly, or Save When You Pay Ahead:

3 Months - one time payment of $250

6 months - one time payment of $500

12 months - one time payment of $1,000

Your Privacy is Respected, and Guaranteed.

I am a self-employed, experienced, professional freelance owner of this website.  Rest assured that all information submitted is seen only by me, and never shared with third parties.

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