RESOURCES FOR BusinesSES & Individuals

RESOURCES FOR BusinesSES & Individuals

RESOURCES FOR BusinesSES & IndividualsRESOURCES FOR BusinesSES & Individuals

Become a Verified Product Reviewer!


New brands need REAL people to try then review their products.

If you are approved, we will connect you with brands that want your feedback.  


  • You MUST use an existing Amazon account that you have written product reviews from before (you may not use a brand new account).

  • You MUST have PayPal or Venmo so that we can send funding to you as needed (Amazon e-gift card is also an option).

  • Your shipping address MUST be in the USA or Canada  (we will soon be expanding to Amazon UK and Amazon Mexico).

Do You Meet Our Requirements?

If so, then you're ready to apply!  Simply complete the form below.

Become a Verified Amazon Reviewer!

Please only apply if you meet all above requirements.

How to Locate URL to Your Existing Amazon Account:

It's Fast & Easy!
1.  Click or copy & paste this link into a new tab:
2.  Once you're logged in, a new URL will appear that links directly to your Amazon profile
3.  Copy & paste the new URL into the field above

You're Done!